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Steelco Group S.p.A. / BP 100 HP

We invented a bedpan washer with a system that reduces the water consumption up to 78% and also the consumption of energy and chemicals.


Established in 2018, Nexo is a leading regulated financial institution for digital assets with $50B processed in assets for over 2.5M clients across 200+ jurisdictions. Our mission is to maximize the value and utility of cryptocurrencies by offering 360-degree financial services to the digital finance space: tax-efficient Instant Crypto Credit Lines™, a high-yield Earn on … Read more

Vodafone Launchpad – A small idea can have a big impact

Last year Vodafone approached Pollen8 with an ambitious task – they wanted to engage their workforce globally and mobilise them to find solutions around their three purpose pillars: Inclusion for all, Planet, and Digital Society. To do this we partnered with Vodafone to launch a global innovation challenge that ran over the course of 10 … Read more

Optherium Labs

Optherium Labs is a blockchain technology company, offering an ecosystem of products and services, powered with Optherium blockchain, AI and biometrics

Website and UI modernization for FritsJurgens – Concept7

FritsJurgens is a Dutch business with a rich history of creating beautiful and usable pivot door hinges. The core business of the company is to create functional and aesthetically pleasing pivot door hinges. With a pivot door hinge, the door or revolving wall can become completely invisible when closed. The FritsJurgens pivot hinge is fully … Read more


A content platform for corporate users of IT products (software, hardware and services) and a sales tool for suppliers.


MIEEG is developing the tiniest, most powerful and sustainable energy generator, fed by green propellant i.e. hydrogen or hydrocarbon. The project is covered by the patent named “Electrical Energy Generation Device” (PCT2018/052036), filed in 48 countries worldwide and already issued in Italy and China. MIEEG, powered by green propellant,can be adopted as: 1.  Range extender … Read more

My Best Village

My Best Village – a matchmaking app between people and places A matchmaking app between people and places. With the purpose of giving people who want to move to rural areas a digital and interactive tool to find their dream village.  At the same time, giving these rural villages the opportunity to market themselves in … Read more

ASC27 / Asimov

One of the most exciting AI-powered tools and innovation projects from our global network, Asimov is our Artificial Intelligence software created to achieve effective content performances in the Media and Communication Industry. Designed to help content creation to be more efficient, the AI revolutionises journalism’ old school, performing all the repetitive tasks and leaving room … Read more


developing spce propulsion technology

MIPRONS is developing the tiniest, most powerful and versatile space propulsion system for satellites, their carries, launchers’ last stages and extra-atmospheric drones.

Futurice / Future of Retail 2030

Future of Retail – a carefully researched projection of what retail and grocery shopping might look like in 2030 in collaboration with Kesko Group, Valio, Berner, Olvi Group, Aalto University School of Business and many more. Together with 100 + Futurice experts and external community, we identified 7 opportunity areas, 23 trends, 5 different outcomes … Read more


Meero’s journey started in 2016, with the desire to simplify the work of photographers, allowing them to focus their energy and their time to their passion: creating beautiful images. Thomas Rebaud, the founder and CEO of Meero, realized that a photographer’s day-to-day is filled with tedious and time-consuming tasks. That’s why Meero takes care of … Read more

Challenge Network of Minds

“Majority of the wisdom lies outside of your organization” This simple statistical fact was the driving force of the Challenge Network of Minds concept.

Pastoral – a Precision Livestock Farming platform

Pastoral is a ‘basic-as-possible’ subscription precision digital farming (PLF) product designed to deliver the core agricultural data needed for farmers in Low-and-Middle-Income countries, focusing on customers positioned at the base of the global agri-tech pyramid. Engineered in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations … Read more

AR VR Projects Customized for Nonprofit Organizations

White Experience AR VR  is a multidisciplinary creative studio strongly oriented towards creating innovative digital communication tools. Programming, gaming, art, 2D 3D design, are the basis on which we develop our projects. We carry out our solidarity initiatives by creating immersive AR VR multimedia contents to support various causes: Social and social-health assistance, Research, Education and Training, … Read more


We connect people in a 3D virtual shared space that enriches education, training and business needs within the metaverse.

Twinkly Flex

Introduction Twinkly has been a long term client of ours and a market leader in the smart home decoration industry. We at THINGS have always aligned with their vision of pioneering in the future of next gen festive decorations and help them on every step to achieve it. So when they came to us with … Read more

Maria 01: Konecranes Accelerator

What would happen if corporate employees with an intrapreneurial mindset would get supported and mentored by serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists on their bold ideas? Maria 01: Konecranes Accelerator is an open innovation initiative run jointly by Konecranes a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™ and Maria 01 the Nordics’ leading startup campus. Many times early … Read more

ONO Exponential Farming

Enables anyone to grow anything, anywhere in the World, in a sustainable, agile, and profitable way.


hypersonic air freight developer

Aerospace technology company Destinus is developing hypersonic air fright vehicles for the world’s fastest and cleanest transportation system


The fastest way to move time-critical goods around the planet and power the world’s fastest transportation system.

Open Food Chain

Who Are We & Why the Bold Awards? We are The New Fork (TNF) and are building a blockchain – the Open Food Chain (OFC)-  to serve the food industry. The OFC platform is a globally accessible, open and public blockchain that fosters transparency, traceability, and trust all across the entire food supply chain including … Read more

Moscow Innovation Pilot Program

The Moscow Innovation Pilot Program is a unique open innovation tool implemented in Moscow, Russia. It enables small and medium-sized technology companies from all over the world to test their innovative solutions in Moscow at more than 150 urban and commercial facilities and, most importantly, to receive feedback from various groups of citizens (as well … Read more

Educational book for children Hector, A Dog’s Story

Kamreno ltd is aiming in publishing educational books for children and adult dog lovers. The author & owner of company, Renata Kaminska since she was, 12, dreamed of publishing her own novel to raise money for dog foundations. She believes that dogs, like people, have personalities and feelings and that it’s important teaching children empathy … Read more

Forever Chocolate – Making sustainable chocolate the norm

Forever Chocolate

We all love chocolate and we want it to be around forever. But to do that, sustainable chocolate must become the norm. That is why we’re committed to finding bold new ways of doing business and bringing partners together to make it happen.

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In 2016 Barry Callebaut launched Forever Chocolate, our bold plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025. With four time-bound, public and ambitious commitments, we have committed to lift more than 500,000 cocoa farmers out of poverty, eradicate child labor from our supply chain, be carbon and forest positive, and to have 100% sustainable ingredients in all of our products.

2021 is a special year for Barry Callebaut, this year marks the 25-year anniversary of the company and it also means that we are halfway through our plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025. 

Looking at the progress we made since 2016, we are very proud of our achievements so far. In the first five years of Forever Chocolate, we have reduced our carbon intensity per tonne of product by more than –17%, lifted 214,584 cocoa farmers (+50%) in our supply chain out of extreme poverty – on a trajectory towards a living income – and reached 43% of the cocoa and chocolate products sold containing sustainably sourced cocoa. In addition, through the scaling of our traceability and sourcing efforts, we reduced the Land Use Change (LUC) impact from cocoa cultivation by over –10%. While there is still work to be done, these results signify tangible impact on the ground. 

Watch our impact video and read more about Forever Chocolate.

Read more


APELEON engineers an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft that revolutionises how we access rural areas. Ground-based transport can no longer keep up: traffic-infrastructure is incredibly costly, causes land and forest damage and is no longer scalable. Our fast-flying vehicle requires significantly less infrastructure and bypasses the dense inbound and outbound traffic in large cities … Read more

Prague Vision – Nakopniprahu

Prague Vision (See Prague) is a powerful tool and a smart solution developed by THINGS and Revolt.BI in order to tackle the identification and resolution of illegal advertising and visual pollution issues in the cities. With ‘visual pollution’ we refer to all kinds of issues regarding the damage and deterioration of public properties, roads, greenery, … Read more

Roamler – Crowdsourcing applied to Field Marketing


Roamler successfully applies its crowd-sourcing model to improve efficiency, scalability and sustainability within field marketing, thanks to a community of hundreds of thousands of mobile users. MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR EVERYONE The Roamler community includes trained shoppers and independent professionals who are enabled to be fully in charge of their time and careers. Thanks to the … Read more


Wesii is an innovative start-up founded in 2016, which has become a global leader in drone survey and image processing recognised from the main players in the photovoltaic sector.


We want to introduce the best of Made in Italy to Italians and the world through Postalmarket, heritage of the Italians, returning the brand to history and repositioning it in its rightful place. Our mission The center of all our activities are Italian companies, Italy, Italians. Our daily actions are aimed at creating a large … Read more

Ambrosi Srl / ONO Lean Logistics, scalable vertical storage system

ONO Lean Logistics is a truly revolutionary vertical storage system in the warehouse logistics sector, patented in several countries, developed for Industry 4.0 and designed for factories of the future. The ONO system is earthquake proof, and features structural solidity, high quality materials and special mechatronic components. The ONO Lean Logistics system is not only … Read more

Moscow Accelerator

We are an innovative type of startup accelerator, solving the main problems that impede startup ecosystem development in the cities.

Global Crowd

Global Crowd is a multi-channel community dedicated to bringing innovation prizes, contests and challenges to a youth-oriented audience., with the ultimate goal of broadening the public’s understanding behind innovation challenges and how they can affect real change. Most of the current challenge platforms do not know how to use social media to engage with a … Read more

Borrow A Boat

Amidst the backdrop of the global pandemic Borrow A Boat, Britain’s leading boat rental and yacht charter marketplace, set out to secure £750,000 in funding to build for further growth in 2022 and continued global expansion.

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