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GuardianSat – Pathfinder

"Keep Space Open" - GuardianSat's patented solution for GEO Satellites detects orbital debris, tracks debris which could strike, & maneuvers the Satellite.
GSAT Bold Keep Space Open


GuardianSat’s mission is to tackle the single most critical deterrent to the expansion of Space – Orbital Debris.  The GuardianSat™ Pathfinder is built around our two globally recognized patents and represents an ongoing, cutting-edge project focused on revolutionizing satellite control and space situational awareness. Currently under development, this ambitious system incorporates a suite of advanced technologies: satellite control systems, highly optimized sensor and tracking systems, and intelligent processing interfaces. These elements synergistically integrate with thruster and communication subsystems, enhancing the command and control capabilities of satellites in space. 

GuardianSat™ was awarded a Phase 1 National Science Foundation (NSF) STTR contract, supported by the Aerospace Corporation (a Federally Funded Research and Development Corporation)  to research and develop this technology.  As the NSF stated in our evaluation published on their website – GSAT(™) “will improve space operation risk management margins and PERMIT THE SPACE INDUSTRY’S SAFE GROWTH.”  

Our efforts, leveraging Robert Briskman’s (co-founder of Sirius/XM and President of GSAT(™)) 70 years in the Space industry, is said to be needed, critical, timely and invaluable and has been highlighted recently in SPACENEWS, MILSAT Magazine, SatNews, C4ISRNET, Intelligence Community News, The Fast Mode Network and Yahoo! Finance.  We have garnered several top level letters of support from the likes of Maxar, Lockheed Martin, The Aerospace Corporation etc. And most recently were awarded Top 10 Space Tech for 2024 by Aerospace and Defense Review.  

Specifically, these awards, accolades and traction are based on our vision to “Keep Space Open.”  A distinctive aspect of the Pathfinder satellite is its AI/ML-driven hub system. Although initially a single satellite, it’s designed with the potential to integrate into a larger satellite mesh network in future deployments. This network will consist of additional GuardianSat satellites, each tasked with specific roles in detecting, tracking, and processing observational data. The AI/ML algorithms in the Pathfinder satellite will be crucial in delivering high-precision space awareness data to other satellites, spacecraft, and ground systems.


A key focus of the project is the distribution of processed space awareness DATA, which encompasses ephemeris information. This information, pertaining to the relative positions of satellites, space debris, and other celestial objects, is essential for collision avoidance strategies. The satellite’s AI/ML capabilities will be particularly instrumental in processing space awareness data. It will be utilized by other orbiting satellites and ground stations to navigate safely through the complexities of space traffic and will provide the invaluable “Google or Apple” Maps of GEO for billion dollar assets.  

At the core of the system are the four (4) PrimaryFunctions: Detect, Predict, Avoid, and Report; then Catalog.  

Detect- The Pathfinder project is developing a sensor subsystem that includes complementary sensor systems. These systems are being designed to perform long-range debris location scans, followed by a tracking function for detected debris, determining both its location and relative velocity.

Predict- The system will be equipped to identify objects posing collision risks. A sophisticated tracker, part of the project’s design, will accurately measure the distance, angle, and velocity of potential threats. This data will then be integrated into an ephemerides generator, enabling precise predictions of potential collision scenarios.

Avoid- The project includes a maneuver function that activates when collision risks are detected. This function will calculate the optimal satellite movement to avoid collisions, ensuring the satellite’s operational safety. Additionally, the system will generate movement commands to correct or maintain the satellite’s position or to reposition it for continued or modified missions, as dictated by pre-set protocols.

Report- This function will store and process sensor data, collision analysis, and maneuver performance data. It will also monitor adjacent satellites and other objects, distributing this vital information to ground systems and other satellites for enhanced space situational awareness.

GSAT will:

1- Improve Space Domain Awareness

2- Mitigate Orbital Collisions

3- Repel Hostile Attacks on Satellites and 

4- Enhance High-Value Operations

GSAT is positioned to own the data for GEO and provide critical SDA for the invaluable assets in Space or Data as a service for some of the most critical information that drives our global infrastructure.     

The GuardianSat™ Pathfinder project is not just a technological endeavor; it’s also a crucial risk mitigation strategy. Given the high costs associated with building and launching large reconnaissance and communication satellites, the Pathfinder aims to minimize the risk of orbital debris collision. This reduction in risk translates to substantial savings on satellite replacement programs and the avoidance of service interruptions. The project is being positioned as a vital component of program improvements and modifications for new satellite systems, targeting government agencies and major space operators. GuardianSat™ will generate a sustainable orbital infrastructure to “Keep Space Open,” and prove as a lasting legacy or give back by Mr. Robert Briskman to the entire world.

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