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RespirAID is a patented ventilator technology developed by Biodesign Innovation Labs. RespirAID is an innovative medical device for emergency care.
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Respiratory illnesses is one of the major reasons for deaths globally. 1 in 6 die due to respiratory illnesses. About 45 to 60 % of patients who are critically ill, require ventilatory support. In low resource healthcare settings, use of prolonged manual ventilation is exhaustive, inconsistent and unreliable. This can lead to mortality and morbidity of patients. RespirAID, a patented medical technology developed by Biodesign Innovation Labs is a safe, affordable, reliable alternative for prolonged manual ventilation for patients during medical emergencies. It can be used in emergency care, post operative care and transport ventilation. It has all

the essential ventilator parameters and has capabilities such as Respiratory rate, Tidal volume, Inspiratory expiratory ratio, PIP, PEEP, alarms and supports low lung compliance which is only available in the high end medical ventilators. It is a portable electro mechanical resuscitating and ventilation assist device for patients who require intubated ventilation for various medical conditions including trauma, post operative care, transport ventilation, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest etc. We have a team of doctors, engineers, researchers, designers, public health professionals who are passionate about saving lives and improving quality of care with 40 plus years experience combined. Apart from RespirAID, we have also developed ResPAP, a paediatric respiratory support device which is based on Bubble CPAP oxygen therapy solution for children with Pneumonia and respiratory distress conditions. We have designed and developed a novel, easy to use, affordable ResPAP Bubble CPAP solution which has gone through clinical studies, pilot validations and certifications. Our vision is to make life saving solutions accessible and affordable to patients and help improve, enhance the quality of care. solve-global-ventilator-shortage/ prolonged-manual-ventilation? CAMPAIGN=Corporate+Communications&Country_Site=US&POSITION=Social%2BMedia&REFERRING_ SITE=Twitter&CREATIVE=Cisco%2B%2BBlog%2BImage%2BGC+-+Inclusive+Future

Pitch video of our startup at Halcyon Incubator in Washington DC in May 2023 for the demo and showcase of our startup :

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