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Sky Mavis – Building a Better, Decentralized World Together

Sky Mavis envisions a world where gamers can learn Web3 technology while building a better, decentralized world together.
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Sky Mavis is on a mission to endow all users of the internet with digital property rights, starting with gamers. To accomplish this, Sky Mavis develops games with real, player-owned economies that are supported by marketplaces for trustless transfer of NFTs and infrastructure that enables Web3 gaming products to reach millions of players.

Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis’s flagship IP, is the #1 NFT project by adoption and all-time volume. As a community-led digital nation, Axie envisions a world where gamers can learn Web3 technology while building a better, decentralized world together.

  • In January 2022, Sky Mavis released RON, the governance token for its Ethereum sidechain, Ronin Network. The purpose of RON is to secure and decentralize the network to ensure that Ronin will eventually be a community-owned blockchain. In addition to enabling users to pay for transactions on Ronin, the RON token includes decentralized finance features including community governance, as well as future utility via staking through validators to earn rewards.
  • In April 2022, Sky Mavis released Early Access of Axie Infinity: Origins (V3) with the goal to create a battle system that is more fun and engaging and open the Axie ecosystem up to a broader audience. By providing three free non-NFT starter Axies and extensive gameplay tutorials Axie Infinity: Origins is more accessible than ever. 
  • In May 2022, Sky Mavis launched The Builders Program which is aimed to bring together and reward community developers who help grow the Axie Infinity ecosystem and strengthen the Axie Infinity community’s ability to create gaming experiences and tools on top of Axie. The Builder’s Program serves as a laboratory for community-created games and experiences. As the list of Axie-related games expands, Axie NFTs will turn into tickets that can be used as universal sign-in to an ever-expanding world of experiences. Community co-creation is a guiding north star of the Axie Infinity ecosystem and will be a fundamental driver of scaled-value generation over time. From Across Lunacia, a platforming adventure you can embark upon with your Axie, to Mech Infinity, a battle royale game where Axies control Mechs in epic battles using their unique abilities, the projects solidify Axie’s mission to build alongside the community.
  • In October 2022, Sky Mavis and Quicksave Interactive launched Axie Infinity: Raylights, a mini-game for Axie Infinity land owners that use Land NFTs. This launch was a landmark event for Axie Infinity players as it demonstrates how Axie NFTs can be used as the base layer asset that unlocks new and infinite experiences over time.  Sky Mavis envisions an ecosystem where a combination of third-party studios and community members can build games in conjunction with Sky Mavis to create an infinite and unified ecosystem that covers all genres and appeals to various gamers.
  • In 2022, Sky Mavis doubled down on esports with a $2.4 million esports grant and also awarded a $1 million prize pool leading up to, and at, the first-ever AxieCon in Barcelona

Sky Mavis is doubling down on its infrastructure, specifically Ronin blockchain.  Sky Mavis is working to enable major game studios to develop original content games on the Ronin blockchain. In the future, Sky Mavis will announce world-class partnerships with some of the most exciting game makers in the world, ranging from indie to AAA studios. Sky Mavis’ vision is for Ronin to become the industry standard for blockchain gaming and will collaborate with the industry to create a gaming ecosystem that shares a massive user base, community-owned protocols, applications, and deep asset liquidity with the goal of enabling the next generation of NFT game developers to unlock their creations.

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