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Varonis SaaS

Varonis SaaS is a force multiplier for overburdened security teams protecting complex cloud and on-premises (hybrid) data environments.

Organizations face overwhelming levels of data exposure that grow larger by the second — and cybercriminals are exploiting faster than ever. While we don’t know where the next cyberattack will come from, we know what cybercriminals want – data.

Varonis keeps companies around the world secure from devasting cyberattacks caused by external threats like cybercriminals and ransomware. We also protect organizations from the inside out, blocking corrupt insiders looking to steal information for personal gain.

When a hospital, school, or government shuts down during a ransomware attack, everything grinds to a halt. Patients can’t be treated, kids can’t learn, and vital services stop.

We provide automation that locks down data, continuously watches for suspicious activity, and prevents unauthorized access. Our Data Security Platform protects federal, state, and local governments, and the private sector, and our incident response team collaborates with agencies, tirelessly uncovering signs of attacks and sharing their insights with the community. We’re keeping organizations ranging from public school systems to hospitals to financial firms safe, securing sensitive data, and protecting people and companies from internal and external threats.

Our Threat Labs research provides invaluable contributions to the security industry; Varonis’ expert in-house team of cyber professionals brings new insights on attackers and techniques to light, sharing their findings with security professionals so our customers are educated and armed with the knowledge they need to protect their sensitive data.

At Varonis, we believe automated data security is the future, and we’re here to help companies realize that vision. We know where an organization’s sensitive data lives — even buried inside documents or deep inside SaaS applications — and analyze exactly who can access that data.

We are the only data security solution on the market that can intelligently eliminate unnecessary access at scale, helping security teams keep up with the ever-growing risk of data exposure as more data is created and shared. Our incident response team of cybersecurity and forensics experts work behind the scenes, protecting mission-critical data from internal and external threats.

We’ve introduced automated, game-changing features to help customers effortlessly remediate any compliance gaps, limit third-party access, automatically fix security issues, and continually remove unnecessary access to Microsoft 365, Google Drive, and Box.

Our Varonis Threat Labs team of security researchers and data scientists are among the most elite cybersecurity minds in the world. With decades of military, intelligence, and enterprise experience, the research team proactively looks for vulnerabilities in the applications our customers use to find and close gaps before attackers can, and all learnings are programmed into our platform to help customers stay ahead of cyberattacks.

Varonis helps companies solve the nearly impossible and ever-changing feat of keeping data safe. In today’s cyber landscape, where there are always new ways to break in, new zero days, and new mistakes to be made, the best way to stay ahead is to start with the target — the data.

We monitor data maniacally to proactively catch threats and limit the damage of incidents — even ones that come from the inside.

Varonis goes beyond other security solutions because instead of just finding issues for security teams to fix, we leverage our own expertise and automation to solve them. Our Proactive Incident Response Team even investigates alerts on our customers’ behalf, escalating true incidents instead of more noise. Enterprises worldwide trust Varonis to secure their most critical data and improve their data security posture across SaaS, IaaS, third-party apps, NAS, and even on-prem.

With Varonis, organizations reduce mountains of risk automatically. Our Data Security Platform vastly decreases the likelihood of a data breach. Should an incident occur, any impact will be small because we lock down data, minimize the potential blast radius, and detect the earliest signs of attacks.

In 2023, Varonis announced the availability of our market-leading data security platform as a SaaS offering. With this technological innovation came the ability for our incident response team to proactively monitor customers’ alerts, helping stop cyberattacks in their tracks — without customers even logging in.

The average employee can access millions of files — including business plans, sensitive HR data, and more — on their first day on the job. An organization’s attack surface is vast and growing. They can’t hire the problem away — there is a global shortage of 3.4 million security professionals and organizations don’t have the budget to support additional staff even if they could find them.

Varonis SaaS is a force multiplier for overburdened security teams protecting complex cloud and on-premises (hybrid) data environments. With the addition of our first-of-its-kind Proactive Incident Response service, which we include with all of our subscriptions free of charge, we’re helping organizations stay ahead of the bad guys in a way that the cybersecurity market has never seen.

Varonis continues to lead in the security industry, with new products and offerings announced quarterly. Our customer satisfaction and success are reflected in our earnings, which year-to-date cash from operations have generated $42.6 million vs. $10.1 million this time last year. In the second quarter of 2023, we saw a 17% ARR growth and $40 million year-to-date free cash flow.

We are an industry-recognized innovator:

  • Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Security Platforms, Q1 2023, receiving the highest score in the strategy category.
  • Ranked Number 1 by customers in Gartner’s File Analysis Software Market category, Insider Risk Management Solutions Market.
  • Ranked Number 1 by customers in Gartner’s Data Security Posture Management Category.
  • Featured on CRN’s 2023 Security 100 rankings.

To ensure our customers have access to data security automation and innovation worldwide, we’ve opened three new data centers this year in Australia, the U.K., and Canada.

But most importantly, it’s our amazing team and company culture that makes Varonis the leader we are today. According to a CISO at a U.S. county, “The strength of Varonis comes not only from the product but from its people. The product is excellent, but it’s definitely supplemented by the people, their knowledge, and their ability to solve the problem for the customer.”

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