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A cutting-edge research and full-stack product development firm offering services in design and engineering.
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Vicillion helps companies and government organizations solve problems.

We are a technology research and development firm that specializes in bringing our clients’ products and ideas to reality.

Our mission is to foster new technological frontiers in business, design, and engineering. Our aim is to improve the lives of our clients, their customers, and more broadly, all of humanity on Earth and beyond.

We love working with people who are passionate problem solvers, creative, and team players.

We are focused on the following sectors: Aerospace (Helion), AI and Machine Learning (Roman), and Health & Wellness Technolgies (Pluto).

Helion is the premiere Aerospace development and technology partner focused on delivering pioneering quality service.

Roman is the premiere Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab dedicated to developing solutions that give a company or organization a greater competitive advantage in a world where AI & ML are driving businesses to the future.

Pluto is the premiere Health & Wellness technologies lab where we design, build, and deploy products to reduce human error, improving practice efficiencies, and increase the quality of life for our clients’ end user.

Instead of going the traditional startup route – idea, business plan, recruitment, funding, and scaling, Vicillion is structured differently of not developing a product but a service, where customers own their own IP; however, Vicillion’s objective to have the most talented agents service its customers, generating revenue that will in turn be reinvented into Vicillion to create subsidiaries to work on its own internal projects, using its talent pool of tech agents and revenue to succeed in the tech industry.

Vicillion brands itself as being avid problem solvers, as long as humans are imperfect, there will always be problems that need to be solved or improves to technology that can be made. And with its internal projects, the company are test out different tech markets to provide a disruptive environment to propel innovation.

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