xSpaces brings a new generation of educational and training platform where the unimaginable and unreachable becomes a reality, virtually. Living in a 3D world, students learn best when surrounded by a similar alternate digital reality that allows them to connect, collaborate and flourish through innovative mediums.

xSpaces is an immersive, multi-user, interactive XR platform where people connect and transition from 2D to 3D spaces for remote learning, training and collaboration – transforming the way we work, learn and experience.

xSpaces pushes learning beyond reality with unique and unforgettable experiences for learners to improve engagement, to be active learners, and encourage them to become innovators and forward thinkers within enriching complex environments. It is not just an extension of the classroom, but also a tool to give educators the confidence to inspire and create magic in the classroom by bringing in user-generated contents to be shared and displayed in a truly unique environment.

On top of traditional learning materials, xSpaces’ transformable 360° learning environment delivers a blended approach to the modern-day classroom, bringing the world in front of students and conquering the barriers of time, space, distance, resources, and costs to a minimum between schools on a state, national and international scale.

This combination of traditional and emerging AR & VR learning tools along with the ability to upload and access varying resource materials gives teachers the power to create an immersive hands-on lesson plan that will deepen your student’s curiosity, therefore reaping the benefits of yield higher learning gains, of collaborative learning and embodied interaction.

Imagine learning in a virtual classroom with students from another country. Instead of a picture out of a textbook or a video from YouTube, the class is exploring inside a cell through a 360° immersive video. A 3D model of the cell appears in front of the class and is taken apart to highlight the cell structures and its characteristics. This short hands-on lesson in xSpaces, leaves a long-lasting impression for everyone, leaving the curious minds wanting more – an experience beyond reality.

Only you don’t need to imagine because it’s already a reality. See it with your own eyes: Lesson on Cells.

Go beyond academics:

  • Take the class on overseas trips or travel back in time.
  • Create authentic cultural and language exchanges with native speakers worldwide.
  • Develop social and cultural competence through cross-cultural learning with a school in another country.
  • Boost confidence by practising public speaking in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Innovative display of student artworks and creations to a wider audience.

In the wake of the current pandemic, disruptions to face-to-face education and business have shifted to online, therefore accelerated the adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) within the classroom and real-world applications. The way we work, learn, and socialise are shifting from books, TV screens and mobile devices to immersive technologies in Virtual Reality.

A flexible platform, for an ever-changing environment, xSpaces can be utilised in industries beyond education to increase productivity, engagement, unleash creativity, and cost-effectively create opportunities.

Industry applications and development opportunities are endless with xSpaces:

  • Safe training environments for high-risk, dangerous, and complex situations, allowing for trial and error – Emergency Services.
  • Remote training, learning, upskill or guidance without having to fly skilled staff in and out – Telecommunications, Automotive.
  • Gain experience and knowledge through the virtual practice of complex surgeries – Health and Medical.
  • Create unique interactive events – Exhibitions, Tradeshows, Galleries.
  • Global outreach to a wider audience base that creates more business opportunities and connections.

As a young company that was established in 2020, there are limited data and statistics. However, we aim to maintain an open and transparent channel in releasing appropriate and relevant data to the public upon reasonable requests or whenever it is necessary.

The value and practicality of a product rely on developments from feedback on user design, interaction, and experience. We work together with clients to understand their needs and purpose, to identify, design and create elements that are important and useful to end-users. It is about the journey of building a product together with a client for the client.

We understand that switching to VR comes with its challenges, which is why xSpaces is available cross-platform on mainstream devices (iOS, macOS, Windows 10, Android phones and tablets) and a range of VR devices (Pico, Oculus, WMR, HTC, Huawei).

We are driving change and leading empowerment one experience at a time.

Explore more at www.xspaces.io.

¹ Goss, P., Sonnemann, J., and Griffiths, K. (2017). Engaging students: creating classrooms that improve learning. Grattan Institute

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