Singular is a Price Stable Digital Asset Wallet with an Algorithmic Central bank.

The Problem: Most StableCoins are pegged to fiat currencies. It is unthinkable to keep life savings in Bitcoin and people don’t want to expose their money more than they want to hold their money in Commodities like Gold. Price volatility of all global currencies inhibits seamless trade.

Singular is built on the incredibly secure blockchain and it’s 100% asset backed. Imagine a world with price stability… This model is replicable in millions of unbankable in hyperinflationary economies. Singular could be a use case for future dApps, like Blockchain Uber or Airbnb and could be a use case for loans and salaries.

We created the Singular Dollar (SD), a new kind of decentralized stablecoin for a connected world. The perfect currency that balances token supply using Artificial Intelligence. By using the latest neural architecture to balance token supply, Singular replicates how central banks response to changes in supply of fiat with other factors like the CPI index.

SD Sync is designed to bring a VISA-scale throughput of thousands of transactions per second (TPS) to Ethereum while keeping the funds as secure as in the underlying L1 accounts and maintaining a high degree of censorship-resistance. Another important aspect of the protocol is its ultra-low latency: transactions in SD Sync will provide instant economic finality.

What if we could solve this one problem that could unlock solutions to thousands more? We believe one unit of Singular Dollar (SD) should be portable, easy to store and most importantly must be stable.

This work is a first step in this direction.


Steps | Log in -> Vote project -> Vote now -> Confirm Vote -> Be BOLD

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