The National Ideation Platform (

Monsha’at (The General authority of Small & Medium enterprises) which was established in 2016 as a semi government entity, lunched the National Ideation Platform ( to enhance the role of innovation in crowd sourcing by delivering ideas and solutions through an open platform. It started in middle of 2018 in crowd sourcing solutions for challenges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wit 3 main objectives, interaction with society, innovative Ideas and vibrant environment. was lunched because we believe in the power of the public to co-define their challenges and co-create innovative solutions. We are proud to participated in raising the awareness of crowd sourcing and open innovation by introducing +10 challenges in many tracks like education and cities development. The interaction with our media camping reached hundreds of thousands. +4000 participants (manly between the age of 18 and 35) 52% of them were ambitious females. +1000 solutions proposed and made it to the final round in all the challenges and more than 2 million Saudi Riyals of monetary prizes were allocated to the winners. We see our value proposition in the post participation where we work closely with the community in enabling the participants to implement their ideas where we provide all of that free of charge.

Steps | Log in -> Vote project -> Vote now -> Confirm Vote -> Be BOLD

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