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Be part of the BOLD Awards Gala, in Venice @ H-FARM


For 13 years, H-FARM has been the innovation platform that supports the creation of new business models and the digital transformation and education of young people and Italian companies. H-FARM is the most important innovation center in Europe, established in 2005. A one-of-a-kind hub where Human Factor, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education are combined together. H-FARM has been the first in the world to adopt a model that brings together investments, business consultancy and digitally augmented educational programs all into one place. BOLD Awards will be hosted in the events room and the evening will continue on the terrace together with lots of surprizes


Anyone can submit for nomination be it an individual, small business, startup or large organization and government depending on each category

Individuals who enter for nominations must be over 18 years old except Boldest Young Achiever (10 – 25)

No concepts are permitted. Only real projects that are 6 months or older and can show real proof.

All nominations must have digital presence and must fall under one entity.

All projects must have direct significant impact in society.

Sponsors, Judges and their related companies are NOT allowed to enter submissions

Nominees will be picked based on the following: Level of Impact 40%, Scalability 30%, Transparency 20%, H-factor 10% (Human & Social).

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