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BOLD Awards Announce Five Nominees in Each of 12 Categories

BOLD Awards Reach Five Nominees in Each Category




Public online voting has now ended and we are delighted to share the names of the final nominees in each of the 12 categories of the first annual BOLD Awards.

The online votes that were cast will count for 50% of the final decisions, and the introduction of our international panel of judges to the process will also account for 50% of the overall selection of winners. Judges will evaluate each nominee on the basis of Level of Impact 40%, Scalability 30%, Transparency 20%, and H-factor 10% (Human & Social).

In conjunction with our event co-hosts H-FARM the final award ceremony will take place at a gala dinner held at their campus in Venice, Italy, on April 5. Attendance is limited mainly to the award winners, category sponsors and some of our corporate partners and investors, though a few tickets remain available to spend a unique evening in their company. Apply to Attend here if you think you’ve got what it takes to spend an evening with the BOLDEST.

Here are the nominees. Did the projects you voted for make it to this stage?

Crowdsourced Online PlatformOpen Innovation
1. Mindhive1. Open Cosmos
2. RAPPLER2. Qempo
3. Nestle3. Paytomat
4. Mindsumo4. Myfreight
5. Civocracy5. Memomi
Space FrontierArtificial Intelligence
1. Open Cosmos1. ScienceAtHome
2. Space For Humanity2. Directly
3. SpacePharma3. Plan A
4. SteamJet4. Fundbox
5. OffWorld5. FarmaTrust
Scientific ProjectBlockchain Platform
1. BEES – BE a citizEn Scientist1. MedicoHealth
2. GenetX2. Paytomat
3. ScienceatHome3. PolyXchange
4. Gut Instinct4. PHLO - Satoshi
5. Medical Cooling4. Canlead
ICO/CryptocurrencyFuture Robot
1. MakerDao & DAI stablecoin1. MARA
2. Vaultoro2. ROVENSO
3. DAOstack3. Robo Retail
4. Menapay4. Digital Twins
5. MedicoHealth5. Vostok
Marketing & AdvertisingCrowdfunding
1. Earth Hour 20181. Borrow a Boat
2. Inde2. StartupItalia
3. PUBG Mobile3. Tam Development llc
4. Rebuild Kerala Project4. Scribit
5. StartupItalia5. RAPPLER
Young Achiever Under 25Boldest Innovator
1. Francesco Bellanca - Feral Horses1. Plan A
2. Prashanth Balasubramanian - Lastbit2. Robo Retail
3. Boris Povod - WINGS Foundation3. Medical Cooling
4. Salshabilla Adriani4. Memomi
5. Rob Wilson - CrowdReach5. CBOT Physiotherapeutical Robot

The judges will study the submissions and reach their decisions in March.  Though naturally we’re not going to say anything to spoil the Awards Dinner on April 5 in Venice, Italy, at H-FARM.

Clive Reffell

Clive Reffell

Clive has worked with Crowdsourcing Week to source, create and publish content since May 2016. With knowledge and experience gained in a 30+ year marketing career based in London, UK, he helps SMEs and startups to run successful crowdfunding projects, and provides support across wider marketing issues.

1 thought on “BOLD Awards Announce Five Nominees in Each of 12 Categories”

  1. I only nominated one company, Mindhive Pty Ltd as we think it has the greatest impact on collaborative thinking for the future across all sectors from neighborhoods, schools, agriculture, education, environment, entrepreneurship, that are critical to global success for everyone.


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