Dox – Nicolas Jamal

Batteries are really hard to predict and manage: we don’t know exactly for how long they operate for, how long it would take to fully charge them, we don’t even know when they should be replaced with new ones. It is a huge problem for companies owning large amounts of batteries like electric vehicle fleet owners (e-bike, e-car or forklifts). At dox, we are providing a battery predictive analytics platform that will help companies owning a fleet of batteries save money, time and improve the reliability of their fleet. The core of our software consists of a prediction algorithm that will predict battery metrics based on usage habits and environmental data. On top of that layer we built an online dashboard, a mobile app and a set of APIs that will: 1- Reduce inventory costs by knowing exactly when to order and replace your batteries 2- Improve reliability by getting notified whenever something wrong is happening 3- Optimize your maintenance costs by automating team management and reporting 4- Optimize fleet returns by knowing how to position your fleet.

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