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Entrepreneurs create value every day through innovation and economic growth. They contribute to job creation and social impact around the world. They inspire future leaders by transforming dreams into clear plans, actions and results.

Our mission is to create an ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs and connects them globally. ELITE provides companies with access to the capital, skills and network needed to strengthen scalable, sustainable and economically impactful enterprises. With 8 campuses around the world, we have built a global community of over 1,400 companies, 200 partners and 350 professional investors, from 45 countries around the world, with an aggregated 570M jobs and €97bn generated by ELITE entrepreneurs.
Results show that the longer the ELITE Companies have been operating within our community, the higher their growth rates in relevant fields. ELITE companies access a unique multi-stakeholder platform, part of the London Stock Exchange Group, sitting at the heart of global finance. A vibrant community that facilitates long-term structured engagement with Partners and financial stakeholders.
ELITE makes it easier for SMEs to access capital through a standardised legal framework, an efficient digital platform, and a set of financial tools designed for SMEs, like the ELITE Basket Bond®, a funding tool based on securities collateralized by a basket of bonds issued by a selection of high-profile ELITE companies.
The ELITE Basket Bond® is a unique way of providing debt financing to ELITE companies and offer to institutional investors the opportunity to invest in the real economy. By grouping under a securitisation transaction several bonds issued by SMEs, those companies get access to competitive funding conditions and investments by institutional investors that would not have the possibility to directly invest in small single bonds (i.e. European Investment Bank and CDP - the Italian National Promotional Bank).

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