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Alpha Orion LLC (European brand & company name – HELIE) is a Belarusian high-tech startup that designs, develops and manufactures small unmanned helicopters and special-purpose payloads for commercial and public sectors. Its professional unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) together with compatible payloads are designed to become versatile platforms for daily operational tasks.

Apart from manufacturing, the company also operates UAS and provides aerial services such as asset inspection, monitoring, and small cargo delivery. It also carries out customization and integration works for its customers.

Moreover, Alpha Orion is planning to launch a global uberized online platform that will allow its users to order, provide and manage any drone and related data processing and analysis services.

The company’s advanced products and services are highly demanded in such industries as: Energy & Utilities, Transport Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Mines & Aggregates, Construction & Engineering, Precision Forestry, Precision Agriculture, Aerial Mapping, Logistics & Delivery, Emergency Management, Public Health, Public Security and etc.

Stage 2

aOrion Electro is a new generation drone for your business. aOrion Electro UAS – professional UAS based on an electric helicopter, designed for autonomous flight. 

Within the category of small UAS (under 25 kg) aOrion Electro demonstrates exceptional flight performance characteristics. It is resistant to bad weather and harsh environments. The high capacity of the drone makes it applicable for beyond visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations when lengthy endurance is needed. 

Main performance characteristics of aOrion Electro:

  • Max total range – 100+ km,
  • Max flight time – 120+ min,
  • Max payload capacity – 7 kg, 
  • Service ceiling – 8,000 m, 
  • Cruise speed – 60 kmph,
  • Max air speed – 108 kmph.

We developed following features for the most effective inspection:

  • energy. It’s an universal solution for smart power grids: vertical scanning of power lines supports, horizontal inspection of overhead lines and substations, detection of gas leaks on pipeline networks, etc.
  • rescue services. aOrion Electro performs search operations even at night, delivers rescue equipment in the shortest time possible, collects operational data for assessment of actions and, moreover, significantly reduces the risk to the rescue team. 
  • forestry and ecology. aOrion Electro monitors forests and water areas. Our eco-drone will quickly detect the fact of poaching and pollution of territories,  helps prevent forest fires and conducts drifting ice patrol. 
  • law enforcement. The drone transmits information in real time and successfully monitors important objects, extended areas or city streets. The eco-drone detects intruders even in the dark and on difficult terrain.   

aOrion Electro advantages:

  • the helicopter has been tested for heat resistance. Tests have proven that even at +45 °C, the temperature of the main nodes does not exceed the allowed limits;
  • the units of components of the helicopter are reliably protected from dust and water according to the international standard IP-66, which allows it to fly in light rain or in the open sea;
  • freeze ( -30 °C to 0 °C) and moderate snowfall (excluding icing zone) – working conditions for aOrion Electro. Electric batteries of the drone heat up in flight, and therefore do not have significant losses in their capacity at subzero temperatures;
  • In the daytime and at night, an unmanned helicopter orients itself in space using satellite data and readings of the inertial system. Being fitted with the thermal camera, our drone collects aerodata even at night, including conducting search operations;
  • the drone helicopter can withstand gusty winds of up to 15 m/s due to its aerodynamics and design features. This is an exceptional performance for unmanned aerial vehicles under 25 kg;
  • insufficient visibility, be it light fog or smoke, will not interfere with the mission, as in flight aOrion Electro uses GNSS data and inertial system readings.

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