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We believe that people everywhere deserve the exceptional. That’s why, since our founding, our mission has been to help the world’s greatest brands deliver uncommonly great digital experiences to their end users.

Founded in 2007 by Doron Reuveni, Applause started by providing functional testing for Web applications, coining the term and inventing the category of crowdtesting. With the explosion of the mobile economy, our services grew to cover mobile apps and user experience testing. To further help our clients scale and meet the changing demands of their end users, Applause evolved to provide a wide range of testing solutions for mobile apps, websites, connected devices and more. We continue to disrupt the testing market, and today have further evolved to a platform company, providing brands with a comprehensive framework for driving product excellence. While other companies offer point tools, Applause alone provides a holistic approach to delivering digital quality and ensuring product excellence for the enterprise.

This harmonized approach drastically improves testing coverage, reduces costs and speeds time-to-market for websites, mobile apps, IoT and in-store experiences. Thousands of leading enterprises – including Google, Walmart, Microsoft, Uber and Ford – rely on Applause as a best practice to deliver the exceptional products and digital experiences their customers love.

We are the pioneers in crowdtesting.

Crowdtesting, or crowdsourced testing, is the fastest and most flexible way to ensure companies release high-quality software quickly and with confidence. Applause leverages customized testing teams sourced from our globally dispersed community of over 750,000 digital experts, who are highly vetted and ready to stand up testing at a moment’s notice, in any language, on any device and operating system.

These testers serve as proxies for a company’s own customers – delivering detailed and authentic real-world feedback on the quality, user experience and functionality of their digital assets. They live, work and play in the industries and real-world scenarios that brands need to test in to ensure that they deliver delightful digital experiences to their end users, the first time and every time.

Crowdsourced testing teams are curated to match the exact needs of specific companies, in terms of demographic, location, industry, language, device/OS combination and testing expertise. This allows brands to replicate real-world scenarios and test with digital experts that match their target customers. Our crowdsourced community of testers is skilled in the full suite of testing solutions – from manual exploratory testing to accessibility and payments testing.

The distributed, remote and on-demand nature of crowdtesting gives companies unparalleled scalability and time-to-results when compared to traditional testing methods. It also delivers unmatched and nearly limitless coverage across testing scenarios. Since testers are available on demand and around the globe, they can scale testing up or down to meet the needs of your internal teams and end users. That’s why Applause is a testing best practice for digital innovators, and an integral part of every modern SDLC.

The coronavirus pandemic exposed the difficulties of offshore testing, as many vendors dealt with the complexity of moving to a fully remote workforce. Lacking both the required infrastructure (laptops, in-home Wi-Fi capabilities), as well as the cultural familiarity of working remotely, these vendors were not able to deliver the business continuity their customers needed. However, because Applause is the global leader in distributed, remote and at-home digital testing, we were able to support our partners and our clients throughout the pandemic to help them deliver business continuity, release velocity and exceptional digital experiences.

Applause’s enterprise-scale infrastructure enabled us to continue to serve our clients despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Ensuring secure access into client environments and pre-production builds is already core to our approach, and we experienced no slowdown in meeting our customers’ needs for digital quality testing. Rather, we’ve seen a substantial spike in testing activity, as clients increasingly turn to us to help them release on schedule in a distributed work environment.

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