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Blue Ocean Robotics

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For Blue Ocean Robotics, the focus has always been to take a lead on creating and commercialising new robot technologies such that our societies and people could benefit from the effects robots could bring to people including better health in the work life, higher productivity, democratizing the technology by making robots easy to use for ordinary people without any particular educational background, increasing the quality of the work done and products made.We are true believers of robots being humans’ best friend as robots create wealth, better lives for people, and much more.

Blue Ocean Robotics focuses on developing robot technology with the purpose to help solve some of the biggest challenges in our society, hereunder the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.

By establishing a team, including the world’s leading robot engineers, Blue Ocean Robotics found a gap in the market to develop robots whose purpose is to help humans with work-related tasks. Because of these robots developed by Blue Ocean Robotics, the humans using them have experienced a change in the way they work, which also has resulted in their work being more meaningful and healthier. An improvement that has resulted in an extreme exponential curve in creating jobs within the robot industry in Denmark and at Blue Ocean Robotics, within some of the most important market sectors, healthcare, hospitality, construction, and agriculture. To support global growth, Blue Ocean Robotics have scaled significantly up in recruiting employees in all parts of the company, including the sale, marketing, customer service, finance, and production.

The Robots

These robots developed by Blue Ocean Robotics all contribute to solving some of the biggest problems in our society and the world in general. 

UVD Robots 

The UV-Disinfection Robot from UVD Robots is a new innovative solution to increase patient safety. Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and Healthcare Associated Infections are a major and growing problem for the healthcare system and give rise to significant costs for hospitals, primarily because of extra days in bed, readmissions, deaths, etc. In general, the infection rates can be prevented if the chain of infection is broken. Each year approximately 50,000 Danes catch an infection during hospitalization and an estimated 3,000 people die from infection-related complications. For Denmark that results in USD 162 million preventable annual expenses. The numbers are much higher for the USA – USD 30 billion and USD 600 million for Australia. With variable sources of infections, there is a great need for effective disinfection processes.

The UV Disinfection Robot is a class-example of how robotic technology can benefit mankind and assist the global healthcare industry towards improving quality-of-life. Since the robot was introduced on the market in 2018, we have had an annual growth of 400% and are currently represented in 60 countries worldwide. Blue Ocean Robotics and UVD Robots holds a market share of more than 75% of the world market for autonomous UV disinfection robots and has recently won a contract with the EU where 200-300 robots will be installed at European hospitals at the beginning of 2021. Covid-19 is just one type of infection though and most of the hospitals acquire the robots in order to prevent infections in generation from happening.

The largest share of the robots that UVD Robots delivers is to the healthcare sector; others are supplied to a very wide range of industries that want to use modern technology to effectively protect humans or areas that are potentially contaminated. At Blue Ocean Robotics, we also see a large order intake from shopping centers, hotels, schools, prisons, pharma/life science, and commercial airports, among others.

GoBe Robots

Another subsidiary to Blue Ocean Robotics is GoBe Robots that is a global leader in telepresence as businesses, educational institutions, hospitals, museums, and others use telepresence to save time, money and hassle from travel, and emit less CO2. 

GoBe Robots is all about enabling people to effectively connect and include socially in real time in a more human way, no matter where they are physically. With a single click, the robot can be operated from a smartphone, tablet or desktop, anywhere, anytime. This is a relevant feature for lectures, medical staff, and company clients, as it gives the ability to Go & Be Present. Furthermore, it provides greater inclusion with immersive telepresence and open doors to formerly inaccessible cultural experiences, while it eliminates travel expenses and reduces CO₂ emissions. It has also been a huge benefit during the Covid-19 crisis, helping reduce physical interactions and thereby also reduce the spread of infections. GoBe Robots is currently present in more than 70 countries worldwide. 

The robot telepresence platform from GoBe Robots users can move around anywhere, anytime without traveling to engage with people and surroundings in a remote location, all in a state-of-the-art design. This development has had a huge impact on the world among other things, GoBe Robots reduces CO2 emissions as it saves time, money, and hassle from travel. It also helps keep distance to prevent infections, so you can stay safe and be present at the same time. Furthermore, it creates social inclusion with natural mobility and immersive telepresence. GoBe Robots can put you in the room and give you a feeling of social inclusion.

Blue Ocean Robotics do with GoBe Robots address The Sustainable Development Goals for global challenges focussing on climate change by supporting climate change mitigation, we support UN Goal 13 of Climate Action.

PTR Robots

PTR Robots is a Danish service robot that can both mobilize and transfer patients, while simultaneously boosting the working environment and conditions. The invention has been developed and tested in close collaboration with Zealand University Hospital, and Vonsildhave Nursing Home in Denmark.

The user-friendly robot frees up time for care and nursing in a busy sector as it enables caregivers to better handle transfers and gait training of residents without having to depend on other colleagues. The patient lifting equipment has now become mobile and intelligent.

In addition, there are countless everyday situations in the healthcare and nursing sectors where patients have to be transferred: from bed to wheelchair, from wheelchair to toilet or shower chair and in emergencies after an accidental fall or from an ambulance stretcher to a hospital bed. The robot’s rehabilitation functions are equally important because they can help patients be more self-reliant in everyday routines. The PTR Robot is designed to ‘shrink’ in size so it can easily fit through an ordinary doorway. This means that the robot outperforms traditional, stationary ceiling hoists in terms of flexibility. It is highly acclaimed for its user-friendliness in everyday use, which is also true for  PTR Robots’ parent company, Blue Ocean Robotics,’ other service robots specialized in disinfection and telepresence.


Growth & Innovation

With a doubling of the company’s value within only a year, Blue Ocean Robotics was in 2021 valued at more than 1 billion DKK (160 mUSD). The support continues from the previous investor group, which includes prominent investors, that two times earlier have increased their investments of 50 and 100 million DKK in 2016 and 2018. The development of the world’s first Venture Factory with an innovative business model established by the team behind Blue Ocean Robotics. The purpose of this business model is to exploit the company’s growth opportunities best possible.

Blue Ocean Robotics have built this business model as a Robot Venture Factory focusing on product development, production, and management. In connection with the subsidiaries UVD Robots, GoBe Robots, and PTR Robots that individually focus on sales, leads or demonstrations and service, support, and add-ons regarding supplements to hardware and software features. Besides, the business model focuses on a number of recyclable technologies and business features that can be used across robots and subsidiaries. This makes it possible for Blue Ocean Robotics to build professional service robots and get them on the market very fast, better, and less expensive than competitors. The foundation and building blocks exist but can be combined in different ways, like in a factory – therefore, the name Robot Venture Factory.


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