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In light of the political climate and the direction the world is taking, it is imperative that there is an outlet for transparency and global welfare. This requires a decentralized platform that cannot be shut down by any authority or special interest group. gotEMs platform brings this demand to  reality. With its decentralized crowdsourcing DeFi platform enabling crowdsourcing and crowdfunding for private investigations, private security, and humanitarian missions. We are on the cusp of a global shift in how people perceive government, safety, money, resources, and the direction of our species.

Gotem is a platform that enables anyone to crowdsource global investigations, private security and humanitarian aid. The platform operates many functions over the Ethereum blockchain (i.e. payments, escrow, smart contracts, voting, feedback) to enable transparency for all parties involved. Users can open a global crowdfund for any type of mission. Contributors to a mission are allowed voting rights to determine who gets selected for missions, approval of evidence, and release of funds.

Fundraising milestones achieved

120K (Private Sale 2020): Raised from Friends and Family

650K (Seed Round 2021): Token Launch 500K liquidity

600K (Launchpad Merger 2022): LGO Token Launch 1m Liquidity


Profit Model: 

Platform takes 20% rake from completed missions 

Monthly tax revenue of 6% from token liquidity


Projects evaluation criteria

Level of Impact







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