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Just Eat Takeaway: Great success with multilingual content from Textbroker


At Textbroker, a prove content creation platform, you get content quickly – for every topic and in every languages. The Textbroker team could even involve the COVID-19 impact and the platform could be used in a stretchy way (for clients as well as authors), which is Textbrokers USP: high upscale effects in a short time in number and categories (languages) of service.

But now we would like to present a concrete case study from the time before the pandemic:

In 2019, Just Eat Takeaway started using the Textbroker Managed-Service to meet their substantial content goals in several languages and with short deadlines. With the help of Textbroker, they were able to produce high-quality multilingual content for thousands of landing pages for 11 of their platforms.

Just Eat is a leading global online food delivery marketplace, connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform in 24 countries.

The challenge was:

  • Content is a core component of the SEO strategy at Just Eat This content plays a crucial role in helping Google understand the intent of the page, which helps customers find what they are looking for.
  • In order to optimise the organic rankings for any food-order-related search query, unique content is required for every one of these que – ries on thousands of landing pages across the company‘s platforms.
  • More precisely, the company needed fresh or updated content for thousands of landing pages in 8 different languages.

The goal was:

Complete complex multilingual content projects with individualised briefings in a scalable manner with the aim to optimise the SEO visibility of thousands of search terms:

  • containing the most relevant keywords and search phrases in various lengths and languages, depending on the page type
  • ensuring the texts are optimised for local factors in different countries, cities, and areas in order to enhance visibility for local searches
  • ensuring every piece of content is absolutely unique, even when topics sometimes overlap

The solution was:

  • Dedicated project managers took care of the entire content project, including the required translations and localisations.
  • Based on the client’s exact requirements, the project managers created professional order briefings and selected the appropriate authors. The briefing process was continuously optimised for the client’s needs.
  • Fresh content was written by native speakers in multiple languages and Textbroker’s worldwide Translation Service was used for content translations.
  • Individualised customer support provided fast answers to any queries during the entire project.



The result was:

  • RANKING INCREASES: The content has contributed to an increase in the average search visibility of the different landing pages.
  • BOUNCE RATE DECREASES: The content project led to a significant decrease in the bounce rate on a global level for the landing pages that were updated with content.

Conclusions drawn by

  • “ The scalability of the Managed-Service has been the key driver of our success. The size and complexity of this project would have been nearly impossible without the consistent communication and flexibility on Textbroker‘s part.”
  • “ Textbroker‘s ability to customise the process for the client‘s needs stands out as a winning feature.” “ Flawless customer service, fast turnaround times, and attention to detail in customised requests prompted the decision to choose Textbroker as the trusted partner for these needs. The briefing process is continuously optimised for the custom needs, the ordering process is facilitated, and the export of content is customised for our specific needs.”
  • “ Thanks to the impeccable project management and customer service, complex, international projects become simple and scalable drivers of our global SEO strategy. We intend to continue our collaboration across different markets, languages, and projects in the future.”


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