Moyosa Spaces

Moyosa Spaces was born out of the necessity for brands to showcase their products & collections in a realistic 3D setting, in a time where it is increasingly hard to reach people physically. 

Brands can offer an engaging digital brand experience in a cost-effective, scalable and innovative way, whilst preserving a high quality visual standard and reaching an incredibly wide audience.

Utilizing the browser, our spaces are fully accessible to virtually anyone with a computer or mobile device. Our responsive approach means that 1 build fit’s all and we have spent countless hours on making the navigation and interaction so intuitive, that even small children and the elderly can easily visit the experiences.

We design and build the spaces in Unreal Engine to create a beautiful, realistic experience with high resolution CGI visuals. And customizing design is easily done by our team because it is both modular and uses existing libraries containing thousands of wall designs and floor options.


We utilize large wallposters, virtual LED walls 3D objects & information panels to communicate brand information & stories. Interaction is achieved through a different types of content, ranging from tex tand audio, to video and 3D models and even holograms.

Distribution is made easy as these spaces are easily embeddable on company & partner domains via simple code (much like a YouTube video) and shareable via social media and messaging apps.

And lastly, we love measuring within these spaces, so Google Analytics can be implemented to measure any interaction by the audience!

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Felippo Boaretto




Guido Prosperi


Pierpaolo Moruzzi


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