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Phat Loot DeFi

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Phat Loot DeFi is part of an international conglomerate based out of the Netherlands and working directly in conjunction with our sister company, Phat Loot Studios, headquartered in New Zealand.  Phat Loot Studios is currently publishing Untamed Isles, a AAA MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) for PC to be released on Steam with later releases on console and mobile platforms as well.  Phat Loot DeFi is creating an online marketplace where digital assets from the game can be bought, sold and traded in the form of NFTs. This will effectively introduce and bridge the traditional world of gaming with the crypto world in a way not yet done.

The digital assets, in the form of skins, items, creatures and other things to come, will be converted to NFT format within the game and can then be sent to a DeFi wallet.  Knowing that many will be introduced to crypto and NFTs for the first time, there will be tutorials set in place to walk even the most novice of users through the process, as both teams are strongly focused on keeping user experience at the forefront of every aspect of the game and marketplace. 

In addition, Phat Loot Studios will integrate the marketplace and NFTs in future titles with the goal of making these items universally usable or portable into future games as well. Phat Loot DeFI and Phat Loot Studios is aiming to create a completely interchangeable and interactive digital universe based around traditional gaming, crypto play to earn gaming, NFTs and cryptocurrency.  

Our marketplace will make use of proprietary and revolutionary inventory and tracking software called “Scroll”, which is a publicly accessible listing of all of the game’s digital assets such as items, skins and creatures.  With a fully auditable database, it will allow users real time access to view the full ownership history of any asset and assist in assessing its uniqueness.  By using Scroll, every asset can be fully accounted for, and it is this full transparency and easily accessible auditing that has allowed Untamed Isles to be one the few Play to Earn games allowed on the Steam gaming platform.  Additionally, the innovative off-chain solution that Scroll provides offers integration with blockchain technology for traditional games.  That means pre-existing, non-crypto games can connect with Scroll and apply it to their inventory which will allow them to mint their already existing assets, thereby allowing the game to buy, sell and trade items like any other crypto game. 

Phat Loot DeFI has already launched its genesis NFT collection with Guppy Gang.  More than just a simple NFT, our Guppy Gang collection has an ever expanding list of utilities and perks for owning them.  Some features worth mentioning are the ticket scores embedded inside the metadata of every Guppy. These tickets are for use inside Untamed Isles at the Guppy Paradise monthly carnival events where you can win a variety of different prizes such as collectibles, cosmetics, NFTs, and sponsorship products. 

Each Guppy Gang NFT will have the ability to draw a portrait using generative AI algorithms, and adapt based on user feedback. The Guppy’s portrait can be minted into an NFT and hung inside the user’s Untamed Isles home, or sold on the Phat Loot Marketplace. 

Each Guppy will also earn Guppy Treat Tokens, which will be the currency used in conjunction with the Guppy Gang NFT to breed Guppy Generals.  These Guppy Generals will be used in an upcoming auto battler game, to be released in early 2022.  This token also facilitates the opportunity for sponsorships and partnerships within Untamed Isles.  Partnerships, such as the one with the unique and randomly generated NFTs known as CyberKongz, are aimed to expand access and promote inclusivity in the world of gaming and NFT’s. Guppy Gang holders will also be given priority access to all future Phat Loot Studio games.  As more titles are added the utilities for the Guppy Gang NFTs will continue to grow.  

Phat Loot DeFi is currently developing Phat Loot Token, which will be the flagship cryptocurrency for the Phat Loot on-chain ecosystem.  Phat Loot Token will be a publicly traded crypto currency available for mass consumption on the Polygon Mainnet and will have utility in future games with Phat Loot Studios.  By integrating the Phat Loot Marketplace, the Guppy Gang NFT and its ticket earnings and other various utilities, Guppy Gang Token and Phat Loot Token all together, we will create an ecosystem that will make for an all inclusive and easy to use Play to Earn model for users and holders.  

In addition to ensuring ease of use and a pleasurable user experience, the team at Phat Loot DeFi keeps its focus on community involvement, both internally and externally.  Plans have begun to implement an influencer incubation program to form a team of passionate and talented creators across all social media platforms to create quality content, assist in educating them on the ins and outs of being a social media influencer and to help grow their own communities.  There is also a group being assembled who’s sole focus will be on reaching out and supporting women in the gaming, NFT, and crypto space to try and increase the number of women in these spaces; It unfortunately seems that these spaces are predominantly populated by men.  The educational and support opportunities this group will offer will infuse the gaming and crypto world with a stronger female presence, and create a stronger and more integrated space for all.   

In summary, the Phat Loot ecosystem includes the Guppy Gang NFT, Guppy Gang Token, Phat Loot Token and the Phat Loot Marketplace.  These will all come together to create a unique ecosystem and digital universe unlike any that has been created before; with intentional focus on innovation, user friendliness and experience and community engagement.  

The NFT and crypto space is relatively new and exciting, but still an unknown and confusing space for many.  Phat Loot DeFi is intent on becoming the leader in making both spaces mainstream and accessible to everyone, by helping to integrate, educate and lead gamers and other uninitiated people into the space in a safe and easy way. 

 Phat Loot DeFi is made up of a dedicated team of passionate gamers, crypto enthusiasts and professionals, including talented programmers, developers, an AI engineer, designers, artists, investors, entrepreneurs and successful established business owners in the gaming space.  In concert with the equally passionate team at Phat Loot Studios, Phat Loot DeFi is intent on creating an all inclusive, unique, user friendly experience and environment for any and all who have interest in gaming or crypto and bringing the two together.

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