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SmartSpotter maximises retail turnover through perfect in-store execution

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SmartSpotter is de world’s most efficient retail excellence enabler.

SmartSpotter was founded by former sales-, marketing- and category managers in early 2011 in The Netherlands as a means of closing the loop between product promotion campaigns and actual retail sales. We’ve observed that in-store execution, the critical final stage in marketing campaigns, often fails to be executed in-line with agreements made. With sales being lost at the very point they should be secured.

SmartSpotter is a suite of digital tools and services that help achieve ideal execution of in-store retail agreements. Through fast scrutiny and reporting of relevant insights, immediate remedial action is being enabled where necessary. This helps maximise turnover and promotional programme ROI, while encouraging better cooperation between product suppliers and stores.

SmartSpotter is the strategic ally that maximises the synergy between retailers and suppliers, fostering efficient and reliable relationships. SmartSpotter’s scalable solutions are suitable for every size of retailer and supplier. Delivering effective results in the most efficient and user-friendly way possible, SmartSpotter services are accessible to all.

The SmartSpotter solutions are available in multiple base countries around the world. There is a SmartSpotter office in each of these countries and the solutions are offered by SmartSpotter or by local reseller partners. Every week, hundreds of thousands Spotters and TEAM users across the country carry out assignments for more than 350 clients in the FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Toys, Petrol and DIY markets.

Our goal: all in-store agreements between retailers and suppliers will be fulfilled. This is done by making in-store execution quick, accessible and efficiently negotiable through shoppers, field staff and store staff. In 2017 SmartSpotter became an Advantage Smollan Company.

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