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The Exploration Company

The Exploration Company develops a space capsule, named Nyx, that brings cargo and ultimately humans to space stations around the Earth and the Moon.

For the first time in the world, such a capsule is privately funded and uses green propellant. Moreover, Nyx is reusable and will have the capability to be refuelled in orbit, hence allowing the same vehicle to be reused for several missions which decreases significantly the costs of space travel, while making space transportation more sustainable.

The Exploration Company is also the first in the world to open-source its operating system and some of its hardware interfaces, hence unleashing the development of a user community which can easily build payloads compatible with its vehicle.

The Exploration Company has been co-founded in July 2021 Europe by an experienced team of aerospace professionals who were holding leadership positions in the biggest European space programs.

Since the, The Exploration Company has raised +45 million EUR and has developed and qualifed a first prototype that will fly in 2023. 

The Exploration Company will enable Europe – and others – to participate to the discovery of the new space worlds, in a sustainable and cooperative manner.

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