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The pandemic saw the dramatic expansion of sanitizer dispensers in public spaces, but design failures prevented or discouraged many from using them. Automatic dispensers, when they even have sanitizer, create messes with poor infrared sensors. Single-use plastic bottles require touching, adding to germs that need to be removed. And harsh chemical ingredients and foul-smelling formulations turn many off from actually using sanitizer.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in October 2020 that despite the attention on hand hygiene that one in four Americans still neglected to wash their hands before eating. And worse, one in two don’t wash their hands after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose. Health experts agree the best way to prevent the spread of germs is by cleaning our hands, and, in fact, research suggests a million deaths could be prevented annually if people did so.

One complicated aspect of hand hygiene is that it’s not always possible to wash your hands when visiting certain facilities. Even those who seek out sanitizer to stay germ-free can be flummoxed by hand sanitizer’s many shortcomings.

Vaask Founder Jon Olsen designed and developed the Vaask hand hygiene system because he recognized the failure of existing hand sanitizers. He intentionally consulted with architects, designers and healthcare professionals throughout the design process to ensure Vaask addressed all of sanitizer’s many shortcomings that came to light during the pandemic.

Designed as a permanent fixture in modern spaces, Vaask highlights the importance placed on hand hygiene in our pandemic-altered world. Not only does it demonstrate a commitment to cleanliness, it elevates the sanitizer experience with these premium features and benefits:

  • Robust: All-metal construction with premium finishes including brass and brushed stainless, as well as custom powder-coat finish options.
  • Long-lasting: Eco-friendly cartridges contain twice the sanitizer compared to typical dispensers.
  • Flexible: Cartridges can be refilled or replaced, and the system also allows use of quality sanitizer from other suppliers.
  • Precise functionality: A high-tech laser range sensor tracks hands to ensure no drips or mess. Ever.
  • Smart: Automated low-level alerts using intuitive LED displays.
  • Guaranteed: Five-year warranty on all components
  • American-made: Manufactured in Austin, Texas.

Vaask is a constant reminder of the importance of hand hygiene and, more importantly, makes it easy for people to maintain clean hands in public spaces. That’s essential in places like schools, where research has shown the use of alcohol-based gel hand sanitizers decreases absenteeism up to 20%. With funding often tied to attendance, school districts continue to seek out ways to create cleaner spaces.

Vaask also creates healthier spaces at hospitality facilities, such as restaurants and hotels, where illnesses can spread rapidly among staff all confined in close quarters. With proper placement in high-traffic and high-touch areas, Vaask helps prevent illnesses and also demonstrates to returning customers a facility’s commitment to cleanliness.

At the core of Vaask’s design is a belief that products should be adaptable, repairable and waste-free. Built to last and be environmentally friendly, each Vaask hand sanitizer system comes with a five-year warranty on all components. To that end, all parts are accessible and designed to be repairable to extend the system’s life far into the future. Each high-capacity cartridge is also recyclable and can be easily refilled or replaced.

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