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Venly is a blockchain technology provider. It offers users of blockchain projects digital wallets to store assets with a native solution that also works on mobile devices. Venly also recently launched the Venly Market as the first-ever peer-to-peer and blockchain agnostic NFT marketplace. And with Venly’s NFT-tools (like the Shopify app), blockchain games, projects, and decentralized applications can tap into an entirely new revenue stream without having experience in blockchain engineering or a complex regulatory framework.

How we became a leader in the NFT industry.

Despite the numerous benefits of using blockchain technology, the biggest problem with blockchain is the steep learning curve. That’s why we built our easy-to-use developer products to bring blockchain to the masses.

With our first tool, digital wallets, we helped leading blockchain gaming projects (like The Sandbox) onboard more than 1 milion users already.

In April 2021 we launched a leading user-friendly NFT marketplace as if it’s a traditional P2P market, and recently we started helping classic gaming and e-commerce businesses create and sell digital assets with our NFT tools and Market APIs.

What is Venly

Venly was founded in 2018 as Arkane Network and is a blockchain tech provider focussing on 3 main products:

  1. Venly Wallets: with our wallet services we help blockchain projects onboard their users by providing blockchain agnostic wallets.
  2. Venly Market and APIs: the Venly Market is a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. With our Market APIs projects are able to build an NFT marketplace backed by our technology.
  3. Venly NFT Tools: the right tools to build fast and securely. From minting tools to a complete asset management system for Unity or webshop plugins (Shopify) to scale fast.

Partners and clients

With Venly we tend to focus on the gaming industry and everything related to it, metaverses, sports, game art, avatars etc. Today we service +500 projects and have partnered with Polygon, Binance, Avalanche and Hedera as preferred tech providers. Our main clients are projects like The Sandbox, Aavegotchi, Battle Racers, IOI Trade Race Manager, Ethermon, Neon District, Cryptopick, AMPnet and many others.

+€2M in funding

Beginning of April, Venly closed a €1.55M seed round led by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF). DM-BB David Majert, Palentine Ventures (Blockrocket), imec.istart Fund and PMV joined the round.
Venly recently added Tioga Capital to its list of investors with an additional €500k funding, bringing the total of +2M€ in funding to continue its growth and setup a branch in Berlin.


As a blockchain agnostic tech provider, we’ll continue adding support for new blockchains to our Wallet and Market products. In the coming months we will focus on our Market APIs and adapted payment provider. As for our NFT Tools, we’re working on adding new webshop integration as well as Game SDK integrations.

On our marketing roadmap we’ll invest more time growing our community of users. We’ll be seeking feedback on our products but also on the projects we support. We organise NFT missions and exclusive drops with our partners later this year and will set up a dedicated Discord Server to reach our users.


In the past few months 10 hires have already joined the team. We grew from a 5p team beginning of the year to a 16p team today, and are very actively hiring. We don’t have a head office and all work remotely from Berlin, Belgium, US, Philippines, Portugal, India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, …

Our vision is to bring web3 to the masses, and our mission is to become the biggest blockchain tech provider out there.

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