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The Problem

Healthcare spending is unsustainable. It’s outpacing economic growth, 3.9% p.a. versus 3.0% respectively. Global healthcare spending is now $8.8tn; 9.9% of GDP, up from 8.5% in 2000 (WHO). Chronic diseases, e.g., cancer, diabetes, mental illness, heart disease, and respiratory disease, are a significant contributing factor, accounting for up to 90% of healthcare spending (CDC).

     The Opportunity

Pharma/MedTech companies: RWE could help save $100mn p.a. in clinical trial design, recruitment, and retention, and create $200mn p.a. in revenue with the discovery of drug repurposing (McKinsey).


Healthcare providers: 73% view RWE as beneficial to managing patients with chronic conditions by tracking outcomes and quality measures.

Patients: 40% of American patients demand digital clinical information tools to fully inform them on their health-related choices.

Healthcare payers: Patient health outcomes as assessed by RWE can support reimbursement decisions (quality-based reimbursement strategy).

Every day, millions of chronic disease patients receive treatments chosen from the many options available. While one set of patients thrives; another does not, adding to the global healthcare burden. This provides an opportunity to use routinely collected data from these patients, real-world evidence (RWE), to gain clinically-rich insights into what actually happens in everyday practice and why. Based on accumulated clinical data and outcomes observed in ‘real-life’ patients, not just from clinical trials, RWE is the most accurate benchmark to direct and evaluate healthcare efforts and decisions. Stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem need this new knowledge to support decision-making and improve safety and effectiveness, and ultimately, patient outcomes. Specifically, RWE will be used to tailor therapy to individual patients and enable research to be seen as a health option by patients and physicians. This is especially true when dealing with chronic conditions in which a plethora of factors may contribute to the final clinical outcome of therapeutic choices.

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