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Exploring Virtual Property Ownership and Investment in the Emerging Metaverse

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The concept of digital real estate has witnessed considerable new attention after the write-downs of 2022. The metaverse, a digital universe where virtual and physical realities converge, is reshaping industries across the board, including real estate. The metaverse market is predicted to surge to $507 billion by 2030, according to Statista, which says the metaverse market is booming worldwide with the United States, China and Japan leading the way. This BOLD Awards blog delves into the emergence of real estate in the metaverse, exploring the potential for virtual property ownership, investment, and the transformation of the real estate market as we know it.

Real Estate in the Metaverse: A Paradigm Shift

The metaverse is not just a realm for gaming and social interactions; it’s also becoming a hub for virtual real estate. As digital spaces continue to gain value and recognition, the concept of owning and investing in virtual properties is gaining momentum.

Could CBDC development actually boost Bitcoin?The value of virtual real estate is a result of its scarcity and digital ownership. Virtual land, like traditional real estate, has a finite quantity, which drives up demand and value. Trading is almost always in crypto, whether general currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, or proprietary tokens issued by individual platforms. 

For investors it is thus a double risk/reward opportunity. They buy crypto, which can fluctuate in value, to buy virtual real estate, which can fluctuate in value. Nevertheless, it is a way to add greater diversity to an investment portfolio, and the growing number of metaverse users and platforms is driving demand for virtual land. Investors recognize the long-term market potential.

Virtual Property Ownership and Investment

Virtual Land

Metaverse platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Somnium Space allow users to purchase and own virtual land parcels. These parcels can be developed, traded, and monetized within the virtual world.

Digital Real Estate Development

Users and companies are investing in the creation and development of virtual buildings, businesses, and attractions. The value of virtual properties often appreciates with demand and development.

Economic Ecosystems

The metaverse supports its own economies, with virtual currencies and markets. Real estate transactions, rentals, and commerce take place within these digital ecosystems.

Real-World Examples


Decentraland is a metaverse platform built on blockchain technology, allowing users to buy, sell, and develop virtual land. The platform hosts various events, social spaces, and businesses.

Real estate in the metaverse is not limited to commercial spaces; it also includes cultural and artistic expressions. In 2020, the annual art fair Art Basel Miami event extended into Decentraland, featuring virtual art galleries and exhibitions. It is now a regular annual event in the Decentraland virtual space, where artists, tech enthusiasts, and fellow art lovers can connect with each other in “a celebration of digital innovation.” Alongside real estate, digital art and NFT collectibles have significant value in the metaverse, attracting both art fans and speculators.

Luxury brands are getting in on the action: fashion giants like Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger have opened virtual stores in Decentraland, where you can buy digital clothes for your avatar. High-end auction house Sotheby’s held its first ever virtual land auction in March 2022.

In May 2022, metaverse investment firm Metaverse Group purchased a 50% stake in a virtual plot of land in Decentraland for $1.2 million.

Companies like JP Morgan and PwC have opened virtual offices in Decentraland, where they can host meetings and events for their employees and clients. This could be the future of remote work!

In its 2023 review, Decentraland confirmed its first-ever Decentraland Community Summit which will take place in Argentina in May 2024. The invite-only Summit aims to enhance the human connection between community members, celebrate community achievements, gather feedback and insight, and look towards the future of Decentraland.


Gaming environment Roblox is home to over 5.5 million active immersive experiences, from gaming and social hangouts to concerts, sports, fashion shows, education, and entertainment, and is one of the most essential metaverse real estate platforms. Roblox gives users building tools that are so powerful that they can build complex games on land within Roblox.

In June 2022, luxury fashion brand Balenciaga held its first ever virtual fashion show in Roblox, though the year ended with Roblox incurring a $900 million loss.

The most recent update for Roblox on PlayStation 4 brought an exciting addition for players – the introduction of eight trophies.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world and game creation platform where users can buy, develop, and monetize their virtual properties. It has gained attention for its user-generated content and experiences.

When Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook to Meta in October 2021, sales for The Sandbox virtual real estate skyrocketed. Then in April 2022, The Sandbox announced a partnership with Warner Music Group to create a virtual music venue.

The Sandbox began selling virtual real estate in its Cinerama neigbhorhood in November 2023

However, at its peak, Sandbox’s native SAND token traded at an all-time high of $8.40. Today, in January 2024, it’s valued at roughly $0.54. To help boost demand for The Sandbox real estate, and thus for its crypto SAND token as well, in November 2023 it launched a cinematic-themed neighborhood where buyers of virtual land can build immersive experiences alongside famous Hollywood brands like “The Walking Dead,” “Black Mirror” and “Peaky Blinders.” Major production companies such as Skydance — producer of “Top Gun” and “Terminator” films — and Lionsgate are also partners. “Cinerama” lets users sign up for the chance to buy and then develop a digital property in this creative environment alongside these industry giants.


Cryptovoxels is a virtual environment based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to buy and construct on virtual land parcels.

The Somnium Space

Somnium Space is a virtual reality (VR) metaverse that allows users to explore, socialize, and own virtual land and properties in a 3D virtual world.


The metaverse is ushering in a new frontier for real estate, where digital properties have tangible value, ownership is virtual, and investment opportunities abound. As virtual real estate gains traction, it transforms the way we think about property ownership and investment. The metaverse is more than just a digital playground; it’s a growing digital economy with vast potential, offering new avenues for innovation, creativity, and economic growth.

There are still some significant challenges that need to be addressed before virtual real estate goes truly mainstream. One big hurdle is the lack of regulation in the metaverse. Traditional real estate is heavily regulated by governmental authorities to ensure property rights, safety standards, and fair transactions. In contrast, virtual real estate regulation is still evolving and varies across different virtual worlds and metaverses. Who owns exactly what? What happens if your virtual land gets hacked?

The absence of a unified regulatory framework can impact user rights and the security of virtual real estate investment and ownership. These are questions that need to be answered before more people in the mainstream will feel comfortable investing large sums of money in virtual assets. Solutions to such questions would also boost the transformative use of NFTs as title deeds for real estate in the real world.

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