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VR4: Virtual Reality Platform per la Formazione Professionale [VR simulations&AI: value creation of the Business Training]

VR4: An immersive training laboratory that allows you to develop and evaluate staff skills from a professional, managerial and relational point of view in real time.

VR4Pharma is based on multidimensional algorithms that evaluate the performance of users both in terms of the correctness of the health protocols (technical and functional quality of the service in the pharmacy) and from the point of view of relational quality along the customer experience in the pharmacy. VR4Pharma is also available in the mobile version.

PhAN Practice System is the customized version of VR4Pharma developed for and in collaboration with the Apoteca Natura Group. The objective of the PhAN Practice System is the development of the professional skills and relational skills of the Pharmacists of the Apoteca Natura Pharmacy network in favor, in particular, of the advice, qualified and personalized, in all therapeutic areas and the monitoring of aspects such as therapeutic adherence and pharmacovigilance.

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