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Feb. 12, 2019 – Singapore, Venice, New York

Crowdsourcing Week has launched the new BOLD Awards to highlight the very best projects across a range of key categories – from advertising and crowdfunding to scientific projects and the space frontier. The concluding Gala Dinner award ceremony will be held at H-FARM in Venice, Italy, on April 5th 2019.

Entries are already being submitted and from February 9 finalists will be selected via public voting, then jury members with category-specific expertise will evaluate the shortlisted entries based on their criteria and select 5 nominees per category. The public vote is weighted 50% and the judges’ final vote is also 50%.

H-FARM Founder Maurizio Rossi, Millennium Project Director José Luis Cordero, and best-selling author Julian Guthrie are among the judges we are proud to announce for the inaugural BOLD Awards.

Also on the judging panel are Karin Mayer Rubinstein, CEO at Israel Advanced Technology Industries, Ranjita Ghosh, Global Marketing Director at Wipro, and Crowdsourcing Week CEO Epi Ludvik. Between them the full panel of judges will represent a diverse range of business and industry sectors from around the world.

We are happy to be partner of the BOLD Awards, with which we share a DNA that believes in the opportunities that arise from the sharing of knowledge and skills born through digital platforms.” Comments Maurizio Rossi, co-founder and vice chairman of H-FARM, “today more than ever it is important to give support and visibility to the best minds in the field of innovation to motivate them to do, and do even better”.

Our judges will consider each project in detail – such as how it has a significant direct impact on society, its scalability and transparency and its H-Factor (Human & Social) – to determine category winners.

About H-FARM:

H-FARM is an innovation platform which supports the creation of new business models, as well as the digital transformation and education of young people and Italian companies. Founded in January 2005, H-FARM was the first in the world to adopt a model that brought together education, investments, and business consultancy in one place. Since its founding until today, H-FARM has invested €27,3M to support the development of over a hundred innovative companies, has helped 200 of the most important international brands take advantage of the opportunities made possible by digital transformation and educates more than 1.000 students through an international and digital didactic path. Structured like a campus, it is destined to become the most important innovation hub in Europe and is currently undergoing an expansion that will grow its facilities from 14,000 mq of buildings with a 20-hectare park to 42,000 mq of buildings distributed over 51 hectares of land close to Venice. H-FARM employs more than 600 people in 5 different locations in Italy and is considered a singularity at an international level. BOLD Awards will be hosted in the events room and the evening will continue on the terrace together with lots of surprises.

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About Crowdsourcing Week:

Crowdsourcing Week is the first global platform on crowdsourcing and open innovation. As the global network and forum for the Crowd Economy, CSW is committed to help organizations, innovators and entrepreneurs transition into a more open, connected, and socially productive society enabled by the Internet and online tools powered by the crowds.

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