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Our prestigious international BOLD Awards recognizes top companies, projects and individuals powering breakthroughs around the world in open innovation, AI, sustainability and numerous technology sectors. At a gala dinner ceremony we celebrated the BOLD Awards V winners, leading innovators who have created breakthroughs. 

BOLD Awards was created by Crowdsourcing Week to establish a prestigious recognition platform that celebrates and honors the BOLD innovators and disruptors from all four corners of the world. The audience at this year’s gala dinner award ceremony, which included attendees from 20 countries, witnessed the awards we presented to winners in various digital industries.

The event itself was held at the magnificent H-FARM campus, located just outside of Venice, Italy. BOLD Awards’ CEO Epi Ludvik and Emil Abirascid, Founder and Editor in Chief of StartupBusiness, based in Milan in Italy, co-hosted the evening with Sabrina Citterio, Senior Advisor on CSR to The Good in Town media platform.

Attendees were unanimous in their praise for the exceptional quality of the four-course meal served, noting that it surpassed the typical standards expected at awards events. Then it was time to announce the BOLD Awards 5th edition winners. Over 500 entry submissions had been reduced to a shortlist of up to seven nominees per category by online public voting. In the second stage, those votes were combined with the assessments of an international panel of judges to finalize the winners. The Awards thus combined the power of the crowd and the judges’ expert insight with the hard work of exceptional individuals.

Rick Verma of Tipaliti presented at the BOLD Awards V ceremony and gala dinnerBefore the Awards were announced, Rick Verma, Head of Digital at Tipalti in London, UK, presented Scaling to Success: Navigating Growth Challenges. He shared with us his assessment that today’s digital economy isn’t just booming – it’s exploding.

After Rick’s presentation, Epi shared some of the insights and challenges that Epi Ludvik at BOLD Awards Vinnovators face in current markets. He mentioned that the agency of Change is Here in this Room, and covered three areas of change that we are seeing right now: advancements in AI will bring us Accelerated Speed; Apple’s Vision Pro launch will bring us 10X Collaboration; and Quantum Computing will bring us 100X computing power that has never been seen before.


While all of this is happening, the Three Harbingers of Revolution are converging at the same time. 

The first award was not part of the standard process. Epi Ludvik presented a surprise award to a good friend, Tani Mezini, who’s company participated in this edition but was not able to make it due to his passing early this year. Epi truly captured his spirit and shared the story of how we can all learn from such an amazing person emphasizing his unique approach to building relationships. 

BOLD Awards V Winners

We offer our congratulations to the BOLD Awards V winners of each of the pre-announced categories. One entrant that deserves particular highlighting is Cursor Insight. It won four categories in the evening for its projects with MotionAnalysis.Health and Graboxy Sentinel: Healthtech, Science, SaaS and Cybersecurity. This is truly remarkable.

An additional surprise award, beyond the original 33 categories, was presented to Rehan Allahwala of the Rehan School Korangi Campus in Pakistan for BOLDest Social Impact. Students maximize their use of the internet to meet challenges and solve real problems.

Here is the full list of the winners on the night. 

Boldest AgriTech, presented by AgFunder. ONO Exponential Farming

Boldest AI, presented by LXT. Financial Finesse 

Boldest AR / VR. ARuVR and Coca-Cola

Boldest Cybersecurity. Cursor Insight and Graboxy Sentinel

Boldest Marketplaces, presented by Tipalti. AngeLink

Boldest Sustainability, presented by 60+ EARTH HOUR. D/Sphere by Dhana Inc.

Boldest Healthtech. Cursor Insight and MotionAnalysis

Boldest Crowdfunding, presented by Crowdsourcing Week. Zzish

Boldest Insurtech, presented by ScaleHub. Insured Nomads

Boldest Metaverse. FundamentalVR and Sana Kiliniken

Boldest SAAS. Cursor Insight and Graboxy Sentinel

Boldest Open Innovation, presented by Crowdsourcing Week. Navigating Post-CV19 Financial Waters: The Revolutionary Tools Paving The Way In The Age of AI

Boldest Space Frontier, presented by SPACENEWS. GuardianSat

Boldest Traveltech. Insured Nomads

Boldest Fintech. MigdalCONNECT

Boldest Edtech, presented by H-FARM. FundamentalVR and Abiomed

Boldest New Media & Adtech. AdTec Brainnu

Boldest Science. Cursor Insight and MotionAnalysis

Boldest Design. ONOEX|Cube

 Boldest Fashiontech. Dhana Inc

Boldest Future Of Work. MigdalCONNECT

Special Award on the night. Boldest Social Impact. Rehan School Korangi Campus

We sincerely thank everyone who submitted entries, took part in the online voting, the international panel of judges, the category partners, and all attendees at the ceremony.

Images from the event are available to view in a Facebook album: 

Clive Reffell

Clive Reffell

Clive has worked with Crowdsourcing Week to source, create and publish content since May 2016. With knowledge and experience gained in a 30+ year marketing career based in London, UK, he helps SMEs and startups to run successful crowdfunding projects, and provides support across wider marketing issues.

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