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Predictive Transformation Accelerates and Democratizes Improved Decision-Making

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One of the many technology growth areas is Predictive Transformation. Business growth relies on looking at historical data and information, and using it to help make the right decisions going forward. The growing volumes of data, stored in warehouses or data swamps, makes this more difficult for humans to manage. Providing machine learning-driven predictive transformation tools and services to help organizations shift from hindsight to foresight is building momentum. We are grateful for input from Amanda Wild, CMO at Blattner Technologies, which we share with you in this article.

Blattner Technologies is at the forefront of predictive transformation, and operates a portfolio of companies that focus on distinct sub-sections of the overall marketplace. 

  • In January 2023 Blattner Tech acquired Superwise, based in Israel, which has clients all around the world. 
  • BOSS AI is the only commercially available Federated Learning Solution, and primarily works with US customers. It is uniquely positioned to help businesses in a variety of industries where privacy is paramount, including healthcare, manufacturing and financial services.
  • In September 2022, Blattner Tech became the majority investor in LoadSpring. It specializes in servicing clients with large scale projects, particularly in construction and manufacturing.

Latest news

Blattner Tech’s latest offering is a new product line, announced in May 2023, with the ability to respond to everyday language requests in the style of ChatGPT. To reply, the new product will first access multiple data sources within a company. The information it needs to answer any particular request could be in a number of locations: Customer Relationship Management, or in an enterprise resource planning tool, or in financial reports, for example. When overlaid with a natural language model, any user in the company can ask “What was our performance last month?” “What is our performance expected to be next month?” “How much revenue did we generate?”

There are so many other questions people could ask, and the response will be in natural language, and then ultimately with tables, data, charts and graphs. Businesses will be able to provide employees with information in a way that they have never been able to do before. Usually, executives get a stack of reports, and the information does not travel any further. Now, with large language models, predictive transformation tools can really democratize that knowledge and insights.

This isn’t about companies outsourcing their data management. The Blattner Tech companies, and their competitors, provide the tools for companies to do it themselves and keep their data and information internal.

An on-going challenge

The relentless fast pace of AI developments means there is always more it could be used for. This creates a constant need to think about the most appropriate people to approach about it. The optimum entry point can vary a lot from one company to another, depending on how far they are down the path to embracing AI-driven solutions.

There are also incredibly important privacy and security issues, particularly in government use cases and to do with smart cities. The potential of large language models to help people at all levels to access data and improve their decision-making is undoubtedly immense. Blattner Technologies has to decide how to allocate its resources to achieve an optimum balance between new product development and reassuring users through check and balances that the outcomes will be positive.

Which business sectors should make predictive transformation a high priority?

The benefits of faster, improved, and well-presented analysis of historic performance to enable better forward-looking decision-making at multiple levels within an organization appear to be business sector agnostic. Across their different sites, the brands within Blattner Tech itemize over 20 sectors, from Aerospace, Automotive and Construction to Retail, Telecoms and Transportation. 

The ubiquity of machine learning for predictive transformation applies within wide-ranging business disciplines, such as Financial Management, HR or Supply Chain Management, regardless of whichever industry or sector an organization operates in, 

It makes us aware that an organization relevant to virtually any of the 33 categories of digital industries in the 5th edition of the BOLD Awards could submit a great entry about their pursuit of innovation by adopting predictive transformation. Entries are open now, and submissions can be revisited and updated right up to December 31st, 2023. The fee to assess entries, however, will grow each month as the cut-off date gets closer. So check it out now, and maybe you will get on the list of top finalists and be at the Gala Dinner Awards Ceremony in March 2024 in Venice, Italy. 

Clive Reffell

Clive Reffell

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