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eGaming and the Metaverse: A New World of Opportunities

egaming and the metaverse




New technology continues to enhance the eGaming experience and expand the user base, with more widely appreciated monetary and wellness benefits for eGamers. Both factors provide positive momentum for eGame developers, and their supply chains of service providers, to thrive. At our BOLD Series event on May 19th 2022 you can hear five speakers discuss and provide insights to “eGaming and the Metaverse: A New World of Opportunities.”

eGaming market value

The value of the worldwide video and eGaming market is expected to grow from $155 billion in 2020 to more than $200 billion in 2023, and to reach $260 bn in 2026.

Advances in eGaming technology

The latest and fast developing technology advancements include AR/VR, streaming and blockchain.

Better quality and more affordable headsets are improving both the eGaming and the metaverse experience, and gaming is most people’s introduction to what the metaverse can offer them. eGaming also develops user skills to operate in the metaverse.

Streaming is set to become more popular as it competes with the traditional console gaming market. Streaming is more affordable and convenient, and does not require any expensive hardware. We wait to see how Sony and Microsoft will respond. Streaming is particularly strong in the eSports sector, where it allows group participation and live competition.

Blockchain will also become more important as it improves transparency and security, reducing fraud and cheating, and allows safer crypto payments. And that’s collecting fees from participants and prize payments made to winners.

eGaming benefits

The income potential is a serious consideration for many eGamers where devoting time to playing professionally can easily win prizes worth more than the minimum wage.

Beyond income potential, there are still important benefits for hobbyists. Older adults who continue gaming are more likely to maintain their brain’s cognitive functions, which is crucial to reducing the risk of age-related brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Competitive gaming requires players to think and react fast. It keeps people sharp and helps develop trust in personal gut instincts. This can be very important when transferred to other aspects of life.

eGaming as a hobby can also reduce stress through easing off the tension created by other activities.

Through eSports, gaming has also developed as a wider social experience than playing solo or just with one person.

Our event panelists

As in many other sectors, there comes a point where automated systems become cost efficient and more effective. For eGame developers and providers, the benefits of automated payment systems cover fee collections from eGamers, and outgoing monetary prizes to winners. They are frequently cross-border payments, in different currencies, subject to different tax regimes, and prone to human error when being processed manually. This has been particularly recognised by automated payments service provider Tipalti, and we welcome their GM Europe & CMO Rob Israch to the panel. Tipalti has significant experience in the gaming sector, with testimonials from several gaming industry customers.

Other speakers represent AR/VR technology providers, blockchain technology, and the crowd economy. Here is the full “eGaming and the Metaverse” event speaker panel. 

egaming and the metaverse panelists

You can register and secure your ticket now. You won’t want to miss what our panelists have to say about a new world of opportunities in eGaming and the metaverse.

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